Tell me something about Yourself

“Tell me something about yourself”: Quick and easy answer (Interview)

Interviews are very important in our life. Out of many interviews I’ve taken and given as well in my career, every interview has taught me that you must be ready to face this questionTell me about yourself”!

Out of common interview questions, Let me quickly share this video and you’ll find out how to answer this interview question confidently.

Watch the video:

Points to be followed in Interview:

  • To smoothly begin the interview process without stress.
  • Set up the tone and direction of your interview in the same manner.
  • Get a sample of soft skills and process/ frame your answer as per the real-life situation.
  • Understand and get to know yourself professionally.

Tell me something about yourself- points to be followed:

Many times the interviewer will ask the exact match as “tell me something about yourself”. But he/she can ask you:

  1. Walk me through your Cv.
  2. Please tell me about your journey.
  3. Tell me about your background.
  4. Brief me about your resume.

1) It’s vital to understand what answer the Interviewer wants?
2) There is this five step formula about this interview question “for any job that you simply are applying.”
3) Even if english isn’t your mother tongue or your regular language, you can still master this skill.

Tell me something about yourself- for fresher:

Even before answering this question, we need to understand the intent and why is the interviewer asking this question.

Whenever this interview question is asked in any job interview, the interview is trying to check the candidate on points that are not mentioned in the resume.

He/she is rightly checked on important behavioral aspects, that’s the reason this question is many-a-times categorized as behavioral interview questions type.

This question helps interviewers and hiring managers to accomplish goals of knowing the interviewee appropriately.

By answering this well in a job interview question, the interviewer tries to access the interviewee’s capability, hobbies, and stress-management skills.

Make an excellent first impression and eventually all your work will be done.

Tell me something about yourself

“Interview Questions” Aspects:

1. Tailor Your Answer as per the company’s role.
2. It’s highly mandatory to Keep it Professional
3. Be true and genuine
4. Don’t Mug up or Recite Your Resume.
5. Practice and plan what you want to present infront of interviewer.
6. Be positive, calm and relaxed.

Tips for answering “Tell me something about yourself for students”

Practice but don’t memorize: Please don’t wait for this question to be asked in a live interview. Try to think thoroughly about the answers you give in the interview when this common interview question is asked. Speak out loudly or in front of the mirror to gain confidence.

You can record your voice and then listen to the answer again. It will give you a perspective of where improvement can be done. So, that final answer in the interview is appropriate and credible.

Listening to your answer is the best way to improve but if you practice it in a group then better results can be attained. Here, you can take feedback from others on how to improve the points. Ask a trusted friend, colleague or relative to converse with you in english and improve your points.

Knowing your Audience: The audience plays a vital role in any job interview question. It’s vital to know and understand the set of audience you are targeting. This question can be asked in many rounds and that does not mean you need to answer it in a similar format. This answer can vary as per the audience.

The first impression is important: If by any means you are fired or laid off from your present job, this isn’t the most pleasant moment for you. But everything has a time and place and things will soon fall in place.

Easy way to answer “Tell me something about yourself” in interview

Be precise and short while answering this question: The interviewer is indeed looking for the most appropriate fit for it the job. But he/she is also looking for someone who is “real”. For example, talk about your hobbies which you prefer to do in your daily routine.

Talk about your achievements: The easiest way to grab interviewer’s attention is to mention your achievements. Try to give complete proof of your work achievements by quoting examples. Give quantifiable proofs with key experiences.

Mention skills that are relevant for job: Interview question “Tell me about yourself” is asked to understand in detail all your skills with respect to the job.

Tell me something about yourself

“Tell me something about yourself” best answer

As an important interview question try to structure your thoughts around these three main points:

  1. Present: Here, the student can brief about his/her current role and responsibilities the person is handling in the job role.
  2. Past: Please mention here your previous roles and how you managed to get a relevant job profile and desired skills.
  3. Future: Share all are your job roles and where do you see yourself in near future with these skills.

This is not the perfect way to answer but for sure a great way to approach your job interview question.

however, if there are certain aspects you wish to begin, the interviewee can mention the past section first and then get into nuances of what he/she is handling right now.

This approach is best suited when you are explaining important aspects of your present job.

Success formula:

Your answer should have these three steps:

Who you are: Try to craft the first sentence as an introduction to whom you are as a professional by stating your strengths. Try and prepare for it in advance.

Highlight your expertise: Before answering this question, please keep in mind that the interviewer has not completely understood your profile. Try to highlight 3-4 points that make you stand apart while answering.

Why do you want this job: Make it clear right from the start of the interview why do you want this job? what all skills distinguish you and make you the most appropriate fit.

Steps for planning “Interview question”

Not only specific to “tell me something about yourself”, but for any interview question these common steps are required to answer. Here, are few questions to be followed:

  • What makes you the most suitable candidate for this job? 

Even before going to the interview think about all the qualities you possess for this job role. It may be your experience, specialization, or job responsibilities held. Prepare for them, review job roles, and pre-requisite set of experiences. 

  • Why you are keen to join this job role?

Why this role is important to you, how it suits your future career opportunities, and what are your future goals?

  • Why only this company or this industry?

When you are pretty much clear about the job role and its alignment with your future goals, then you have to think and introspect why do you want to opt for only this company? What is most exciting for you when it comes to the future of the industry? Even before starting the job role, it is very important to research future vision and trends about the industry.

  • What is something unique which makes you stand apart from other candidates?

This is one of the often asked interview questions in the interview. Try to think of something that binds the interviewer and he/she feel that you are the most appropriate fit for this job profile. Try to match your skills with the job profile.

What not to say in the Interview

Students or job candidates often make the mistake of answering “Tell me something about yourself” in a personal way. They start talking about their family background and personal stories.

Many others start discussing their family issues, complaining about their pervious job profiles and work culture.

Students crib and start giving negative answers in the interview itself.

In the above-mentioned scenario, you are telling the interviewer that you are not so serious about the job position.

This also shows you get very emotional which gives negative impact during the interview process.

Hold on to your nerves and try not to summarize the resume in the process. Also, the interviewer knows about your resume completely, so no need to brief it.

Instead, focus on positives and share your accomplishments and experiences.

Make the interviewer believe what all skills you possess and how you are the ideal person for the job role.

Justify these points:

  • How/ why you are the right fit?
  • Why you applied for this particular post?

The focus here should be to emphasis on the future by demonstrating your interests and enthusiasm for this particular position:

  • This job interests you because… 
  • This is the next big opportunity for your career…

What to say in the Interview:

Make a crisp response. Try to answer the interviewer’s question in two to three minutes.

It’s important to focus on details and observing them minutely.
Avoid rushing into the complexities of job roles, company profiles, and company details.

Please connect your skills to the job description and try to sketch out a proper answer for the same.

Prepare additional answers: It is not important which industry you are working in or the stage of career you are in-job interviews can cause stress every time.

The most vital secret for excelling in this skill is to craft answers beforehand and practice them.

The career tips, job advice, and searches are sent importantly related to this interview question.

Think, introspect, practice and focus!

How to be prepared for this common interview question

  1. Know yourself in this process in terms of your qualification and achievements. 
  2. Check the interview JD and thoroughly review whether you meet all the job descriptions and requirements.
  3. Carefully study and research the company as well as the position you are applying to.
  4. Identify, review, and list your achievements and accomplishments. 
  5. List your expertise and strengths beforehand.

Last but not least practice, practice, and practice to be confident in the final interview.

Be specific to the “Company” for which you are answering

While you are about to end this question it is very important to give a customized answer.

Talk about the future by mentioning what this company is providing from career prospects( technical skills, leadership, and job-related queries)

Research and study the company profile beforehand.

Be prepared about your work experience or internships.

Avoid mistakes which can land you in critical situation .

“Tell me something about yourself” Sample Answer

Let’s see few examples of how to answer this interview question:

  • Hi, I’m presently working as a Senior software engineer in the IT industry where I am handling software development and maintenance of multiple clients. Before this, I was working for a German client in the Hospitality domain. I am an introvert in nature and software and logic-based programming is what I cherish the most. My hobbies are reading and traveling. I would like to work in your company for exploring better aspects of programming and data designing.

  • I’ve worked in the content writing sector for more than six years, primarily in the telecom sector. I have mostly worked in other sectors for content management and consultancy for managing large campaigns and project delivery. I look forward to experiencing different industries now, like banking so I would like to be part of an esteemed company like yours.  

  • Sure! I have always enjoyed writing poems, dancing, and speaking during my young days. This made me an extrovert person in nature and hence I opted for dancing as a full-time career. I am a certified and trained dancer with advanced course certification in the same. Additionally, I do writing for blogs and marketing work. Also, I have some experience in graphic design and creative works.

  • I am a science teacher who has worked with a private school for seven years. I was part of the school management committee, class teacher, and a national awardee for the complete region. I have experience in student, class management, and board exam co-ordination. I look forward to enhancing my experience by joining your prestigious organization.
  • My name is ABC and I am from Delhi. I hold my Masters in Accounting and Law. I look forward to becoming part of your organization as this is the ideal career path for me wherein I can utilize my data management and systems development skills together.
  • I was a part of the sales team for four years in a company from Delhi. My successful contribution has helped me to increase the company’s sales by 50% on a y-o-y basis. Also, the customer base in North India has increased by twenty percent. I have been an active participant at the National level competition and have been actively involved in the training of recruits.

Common Interview tips for any Interview

  1. Communication skills

You need to have excellent communication skills.

Now how does one display your powers of communication during a 15 or 30 minute interview? 

So here most of the students face the challenge. Remember, you’ll be viewed from both perspectives, as an applicant and as a possible player who can handle the technical aspects also.

You will be judged on both verbal and written language skills.

Direct responses to questions on salary expectation and other such tricky questions can be easily managed by expressing your opinions with power of communication. So, you would need to brush abreast of your verbal art of communication, before appearing for next interview.

2. Team playing

Your ability as a team player is actually checked to judge your knowledge about questions which can tell your ability of tackling real-life problem scenarios. Managing project issues and handy experiences on projects.

How to show this soft skill?

Display openness, a cross-cultural embracement, acceptance of ideas and credibility which can thrive in high situations as a part of a team.

3. Creative thinking

Your creative ability comes through your project presentation and real-world problem applications. Once any problem is presented to you- how well you can deal with it. As jobs require constant innovation and application of divergent theories for any problem reasoning and analysis with creative out-of-the-box ideation is what gives you that edge over and the job applicants!

Conceptual clarity, clear basics, time management and effective skills along with practice can lead to a better future!

All the best!

Do check:

Last but not the least, detailed focus should be maintained while answering it. Quality of the answers matter the most. It is always advisable not to summaries your resume. Mention past experiences with examples in line with the existing job role.


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