Meditation for Sleep

Let’s Meditate- Free Best Guided Meditation for Sleep

I have trouble sleeping.
I fear sleeping in the dark.
I suffer from insomnia.

2020 was a year of corona pandemic.

Now while we welcome 2021, “health” and “lifestyle” are two major aspects to be taken care of.

By taking a fresh resolution of adopting a healthy lifestyle instead of a sedentary lifestyle is very important by being extra cautious.

Well, you are not alone and the only one!

Almost 30 to 40 percent of adults have difficulty sleeping, and mostly suffer from chronic insomnia.

Effective sleep is really important…Get meditating!

Some days we tend to feel lethargic, have trouble focusing on a particular topic, and lack motivation other days we are super energetic and happy to carry day-to-day activities- Meditation can help!

Insomnia can have serious health consequences and impact on our health!

Chronic insomnia can put us at greater risk and medical conditions, such as stroke, high blood pressure, unhealthy heart condition, and a weak digestion system which will leave us susceptible to many diseases.

Guided meditation helps to cater to a greater risk of mental disorders like depression and anxiety.

Insomnia can affect our memory, judgment, and mental health seriously.

With guided meditation and meditating techniques, we can utilize benefits of meditation easily!

Guided Meditation for deep sleep

Guided meditation involves audio, video, or podcast of someone leading through the process.

Listening to the voice in complete silence helps to attain focus and calms the breath.

With guided meditation for sleep, we have a far better idea of handling stress.

Let’s see, “How to do meditation” for anxiety and depression and which techniques are best for you to improve health and lifestyle.

  1. Lie down
  2. Close your eyes
  3. Let yourself be in “Energy of universe”
  4. Surrender to divine

Think and feel this to enjoy all the abundance of universe, happiness, healing and life!

Few common types of meditation are:

  • Visualization
  • Loving-kindness
  • Reflection
  • Zen 
  • Transcendental 
  • Chakra 
  • Breathing 
  • Yoga
  • Mindfulness
  • Vipassana (self-transformation)
  • Walking

Mindfulness Meditation Benefits

Energy Source: The immense amount of energy that is acquired by meditating is vital.

Meditation is an amazing way to make our body a powerhouse of internal energy source.

Deeper connections: Meditation gives us rest, deeper than sleep. It is proven widely believed that focus, strength, and rest achieved by meditation are deeper than sleep.

Activates metabolism: During sleep as well as meditation our metabolism gets reduced. It helps to calm the mind.

Freedom of mind: Meditation offers freedom of mind and copes with the stress of day-to-day living.

Deep Relaxation: Deep relaxation, guided meditation helps to calm the body and mind.

Relaxing meditation for Sleep

Both meditation and mindfulness bring a relaxed mind. With acceptance and awareness and improved emotional regulation, meditation helps in stress-reduction.

Mindfulness meditation helps in curing insomnia, focussing on present and offer an open-minded outlook to us.

Meditation and yoga reduce overall feeling of stress and brings happiness in our life!

Meditation for sleep and anxiety

Anxiety and stress for meditation can be controlled by following these steps:

  • The right environment to keep distractions away.
  • Turning your TV off before going to bed.
  • Getting comfortable in the environment like posture- sitting straight.
  • Proper listening tools of meditation like earphones.
  • Choice of proper meditating technique- Guided, Mindful, or concentration.

Meditation is an amazing tool for anyone who is struggling with insomnia, stress, and anxiety. It requires practice but once the body adapts to routine it becomes easy.

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