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How To Be Healthy And Heal – 11 “Healthy Lifestyle” Tips

Healthy lifestyle is very important in today’s scenario. How to be healthy and heal? everyone is concerned about this question.

As we all know, 2020 was an year of corona pandemic. While we welcome 2021, health and lifestyle are two prime aspects to be taken care.

We need to take fresh resolution for adapting a healthy lifestyle instead of sedentary lifestyle and be extra cautious and prepared against the disease.

This article has “wellness tips”/ “healthy lifestyle tips” that comprise inclusive of both physical as well as mental health. Being healthy means to adapt all the major components of healthy living.

A healthy lifestyle is a way of living that is free from diseases and has a lower risk of serious illness.

Sure ways of adopting a healthy lifestyle are
Starting a particular exercise routine, adopting a healthy lifestyle by increasing intake of fruits and vegetables, maintaining proper body weight, abstaining from alcohol and smoking practices.

Simply, by not adopting good eating as well as living habits diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and malnutrition occur in the human body.

Healthy Lifestyle Key components:

  • Eating Healthy Diet
  • Exercising regularly
  • Hydrating our body
  • Taking appropriate sleep
  • Thinking Positive Thoughts

10 Tips for a healthy lifestyle

Starting the day with exercise – To stay fit and healthy we must start our day with exercise and fruits.  

As it takes 21 days to form a habit. Include fruits in the diet and it will eventually become a habit.

Dinner should be done before 9, after completing your meal walk.

Diet– Make a plan for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Eat light food during the dinner time.

Consuming right things– Fresh and seasonal food is the most amazing way to consume all the nutrition. Select food items wisely one which have nutrients, vitamins and all minerals.

Drink plenty of liquid/water- Water is an important part of lifestyle. Drink ample amount of water as it keeps our body hydrated.

Avoid junk food- It’s always advisable to stay away from fried and junk food items. Don’t consume high sugar, fat and fried items. These food items affect your health badly.

Keep yourself clean- Keeping our hands clean is the vital aspect as most of the diseases are caused due to dirty hands.

Be regular, before and after eating food wash your hands properly. It helps to be away from many diseases.

Focus more on plant based diet- Fruits, vegetables, cereals, nuts in comparison to processed foods are very good for our health.

Avoid Spicy snacks- If you like consuming snacks, focus more on vegetable snacks which are plant based.

Snacks made with oats, fruits, beans are any day a healthy choice. Roasted Nuts and mix berries is an amazing snack. It has all the nutrients which are rich in vitamins and minerals. It helps in lowering cholesterol and has all essential nutrients vital for skin. Do check out these nuts and berries.

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It is delicious, tasty and as well as healthy to consume.

Spend time in nature- Spend quality time in nature and focus on breathing.

Drink coffee: As coffee has alot of antioxidants that reduce the risk of diabetes. Try coffee instead of tea.

Meditation is one important aspect in living a healthy life.

By now we have understood 10 tips for a healthy lifestyle. Setting out to make healthy lifestyle changes is the most inspiring and intimidating activity.

Thinking about it is amazing but when we try to implement them actually in our day-to-day life is when the real struggle begins.

Instead of trying to upgrade your health regime quickly, just focus on consistency which will be indeed give long-lasting results.

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Healthy Lifestyle

We need to think, Are we living a “healthy lifestyle”?

For quite some time, we are quite sure that our lifestyle is very “healthy”.

Even without adhering to healthy lifestyle tips, most of the time we keep believing that we are doing amazing job of maintaining our health. But is that completely enough to say we are “healthy”?

Points on which we can analyze and actually meet the criteria of “healthy lifestyle”. Major key points are:

  1. Are you able to maintain a healthy lifestyle/ BMI or are you losing weight to achieve a healthy lifestyle?
  2. Consuming 5-6 servings of fruits/vegetables regularly?
  3. Exercising for 30 minutes or more in a week?

Habits are all those aspects that we continuously discuss, think, and practice, eventually, they become our daily lifestyle aspects.

Health is of prime importance and it is important not to underestimate the importance of a “healthy lifestyle”. 

Creativehubzone How To Be Healthy And Heal - 11 "Healthy Lifestyle" Tips

Healthy Lifestyle tips

A “healthy lifestyle” or “how to be healthy” is a prime foundation for living, the factors which need to be considered in the list are:

  1. Enjoy a good sleep: Rest is the primary factor for de-stressing. A well-rested mind helps in maintaining the proper lifestyle and put all the “stress hormones” away. 
  2. Laugh out loud many times: Laughing helps us to bring happy feelings and helps in coping with situations that make us comfortable. They induce happy feelings in us.
  3. Smoking: There’s no healthy amount of smoking. healthy means you haven’t smoked before. 
  4. Healthy diet: healthy food is the basis for nutrition and better health management. Foods like nuts, fruits, whole grains, and vegetables are the basis of it. 

How to be healthy?

It’s important we choose vegetables, fruits, food items which are good for our lifestyle and help in healing.

As we adapt lifestyle tips, let’s see food items that hep with to heal.

Ways to get Healthy Nutrition

Try and balance all your meals.

Simply, by including protein, healthy carbohydrate, fat and vegetables and/fruit at each meal.

As healthy carbohydrates include rice, whole wheat bread, starchy vegetables like sweet potatoes, parsnips and potatoes, quinoa, millet include them in daily diet.

Eat three meals plus snacks: Eating three meals plus snacks ensure you have proper timing and eating as per the schedule for obtaining enough calories and nutrients.

By including dietary fiber in our food, our metabolism functions best as per the daily schedule.

Eating every 4-5 hours guarantees many energy and efficient metabolism.

Healthy snacks: Snacks are important if you get hungry in between meals. They contain protein or fat + a carbohydrate which keeps your energy going until dinner time.

It is advisable to proportion your plate to about ½ vegetables and/or fruit, ¼ protein, and ¼ healthy carbohydrate.

Green tea is a source of rich and amazing oxidants. It enhances stamina, stimulates and revitalizes energy and also cures respiratory function. It reduces your chances of overeating at meals. Simply, by consuming it in our daily life, the benefits are amazing. A must try to detoxify our body. Do check this amazing organic tea.

Creativehubzone How To Be Healthy And Heal - 11 "Healthy Lifestyle" Tips

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

  • Consuming a variety of food items like vegetables, fruits, and nutritious food. 
  • Diet should be based on rich nutrients and healthy food items.
  • Increase in intake of saturated food products in place of unsaturated products.
  • Eating food rich in fruits and vegetables.
  • Reduction in consuming salt and sugar products.
  • Eat regularly and quite often.
  • Drinking plenty of water and increasing liquid intake.
  • Healthy body weight maintenance.
  • Tracking the progress carefully.
  • What all food items you have consumed and exercise routine followed.
  • Considering a healthy lifestyle for long-term health and happiness.
how to be healthy
Health facts

Ways of healing or detox journey for anyone

Eating healthy: It is important to eat healthy food by avoiding toxic, processed foods which can later be the reason of inflammation in the body.

Gut healing: This is the most important aspect when healing needs to be done. Symptoms such as bloating, gastric issues, headache, and tiredness are the major reason for gut problems. Intake of fruits and healthy vegetables help in healing the gut issues.

Getting proper sleep: Sleep is an amazing relaxation technique and helps in healing not only the gut but the complete body. Certain meditation and happiness techniques not only help in getting proper sleep but help in living a relaxed life. Green tea, semolina, healthy and warm drinks help in the relaxation of the body.

Gratitude: Gratitude not only helps in developing focus but an amazing way to relax and calm the nervous tension.

Eating nuts/ natural foods: It’s important to increase the intake of nuts, oats, and natural food items for increasing resistance and immunity of the body.

5 food that helps you heal

  1. Fiber rich food: One of the best way to reduce your body’s calorie intake is to increase fiber rich food intake. Consume food items such as vegetables, whole grains and legumes.

2. Vitamin D and Calcium-Rich food: Calcium is important for bone strength and muscle contraction. Calcium D increases chances of speedy recovery and bone injuries.

3. Magnesium: It helps in bone strength. It is found in nuts, cashew, potato skin, kidney bean and milk.

4. Vitamin K1 and k2: It helps in developing bone strength. Best sources are green leafy vegetable, meat and diary products.

5. Zinc rich food: By consuming zinc rich food you can heal quickly. It’s found in pulses, seeds, nuts and grains.

In addition to all the factors listed above, we can have a balance of healthy food items, exercise and whole body weight for living healthy and happy life.

Tips to heal

Taking a break: It is important to take a break and give yourself mind, body, and soul rest. Giving yourself permission to rest by allowing your body to help its energy being restored is an amazing practice. Breaking up your routine into small bits of training techniques is a great way of building the regime. Balancing your body as well as mind helps to incorporate a better lifestyle routine.  

A good company: keeping everything in a good way helps in attaining positivity. Making healthy changes in lifestyle not only impact our lives but motivates us for better living.     

Making a routine/ list and checking it regularly: It is important to have a routine list ready with all the reasons, basis, and habits mentioned in it. It is also important to keep that list updated with positive and powerful mental adjustments to fade away all the dilemmas. It acts as a constant reminder for keeping a check on the routine.    

Setting a five times meal: For being healthy and healing it is very important to set-up a fixed meal routine. What, when, and how food is eaten determines the metabolism and energy levels of everyone. So, it is always advisable to have a proper meal plan and eating food as per that fixed schedule. It helps in weight management, avoiding cravings, and have the focus in every work you are performing.

Drinking more water than Soda: Water not only helps in digestion but is an amazing cleansing agent. Make a fixed plan to have food at a particular time helps to detoxify as well as cleanse the body.

Making sure to take enough protein: Eating protein is vital as it helps in weight loss as well as building muscle mass. Intake of higher protein helps in boosting metabolism and reducing cravings. It is a vital factor in lowering blood sugar, blood pressure levels, treating numerous ailments, and high-risk diseases.

Reducing the risk of heart diseases by Laughing: For controlling stress hormones, having balanced cholesterol, and reduced inflammation, exercising as well as meditating is the best technique. Simply, by laughing most of the positive hormones are released.

Avoid Dieting: While most of us focus on dieting as a way of losing weight, it is never advisable to do go on a strict diet. It not only reduces immunity but can cause long-term deficiencies in the human body. Eating healthy food or meal in a proper way is the mantra for holistic healing.

Avoiding caffeine: Caffeine not only acts as a drug but reduces focus and disturbs the sleep cycle. It impacts the muscle functions and impacts the functioning of the body. Reducing the intake of caffeine improves the social as well as mental health of human beings.

Last but not the least, having a properly balanced diet with enough nutrients enhances body immunity, makes the body healthy, and helps in healing!

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