How to be happy

How to be happy in life? 9 ways to be happy with pictures!

Happiness is vital and how to be happy in life is one question we all struggle.

Please remember, the day you realize “Happiness is a continuous journey and we have to embrace it completely to live it”- your happiness begins. Let’s know how to happy in life completely.

Doesn’t matter if you are a teacher or student or working professional?

Nobody is judging and nobody cares either way. Its you —embrace it.

If you like reading? do it Please don’t apologize for it.
If you like going out? do it Please don’t apologize for it.
If you like to party? go and celebrate . Please don’t apologize for it.
If you want to travel? go and travel. Please don’t apologize for it.


how to be happy
happy pictures

How to be Happy?

If you’re content with something about yourself—great! Own it.

If you’re not proud of something about yourself—do something about it. don’t just sit there! work on it.

Find Your Peace

What puts you at peace? Writing? Reading? Painting? Cooking? Sports?
Whatever it is—make time for it. stick with it. Do it—every single day…:)

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Let’s see 10 ways to be happy in life:

  1. Energy: Happier being around people? Be around people. Attend meetups near you. Utilize every moment.
  2. Happier in solitude? Make time for yourself.
    Do Not Be A Toxic Being.
    Help people.
  3. Volunteer. Donate. Give back.
    If someone offends you? Betrays you? Let it be- Life is just too short to be focused things which won’t matter in future.
  4. Always continue: Understand what happened. Analyze it. Accept it, learn and move on!
  5. Positivity: It is the sole direction and life moves → Forward!

  1. Talk with your friends and loved ones: As we are social animals and we being humans love to talk with our friends. hence, happiness increases when shared with our loved ones.
  2. Go for shopping and buy something new: I personally enjoy shopping and most of the people I have met enjoy shopping. As shopping is a great stress buster.
  3. Cook healthy meal: It’s a proven fact that cooking is one of the best hobby to boost your brain and support happiness.
  4. Join hobby class and Go for walk in nature


how to be happy
happy pictures

How to be happy with yourself?

It’s easy to think and compare our life with others and crib. However, it is a tough job when it comes to being happy alone. No matter whatever the situation, we can still contend with our life.

Focus on positive aspects like happiness, self-esteem, mental-health, innate talents, hobbies, and close relationships. We must identify what makes us unique and wonderful.

Fill our lives with laughter and happiness by laughing at our own mistakes.

Watch a light comedy serial to cheer up.

An amazing way to be happy with ourselves is by accepting our flaws. Happiness is contagious!

Work on yourself. Always learn something new every day . 

Realize you’re just a student of life—it humbles you.

Find love for your hobbies!

Find love in your friends and family!

As they always say, “It all starts with you.”

Start with small steps and always remember only starting is vital!!!

While I am writing this blog post, I firmly believe that happiness is a continuous journey not a destination.

Finding happiness in every small gift of this amazing life.

Steps on how to be happy in life

Happiness is quite easy to achieve.

  • Smile, laugh and enjoy moments.
  • Gratitude for life.
  • Breathe deeply.
  • Get plenty and sufficient amount of sleep.
  • Introspect, think and maintain a healthy balance.
  • Think positively.
  • No room for negative thoughts
  • Value experiences.
  • Practice mindfulness and gratitude.
  • Forgive.
  • Count your blessings.
  • Help others, life is short.
  • Focus on the positive aspects.

An amazing example is a small baby who is always happy. He/she knows how to be happy in any circumstances. These are amazing life tips which can be learnt by small baby who tells us happiness is a state of mind!

I think our mind needs to be trained in such a way that we must believe inner peace is the most treasured aspect for human race.

I completely agree that learnings exist everywhere, we must embrace them!


how to be happy
happy pictures

Few tips on how to be happy alone

Start of the day with happy note: How we begin our day sets the tone for complete day. Start your day with smile and positivity, plan ahead in your mind what all things you’ll be accomplishing.

It sets the positive environment.

Try and have a fixed sleep routine.

Also, spending time in nature is an amazing asset.

Your happy tunes: Music is an amazing gift and we should always try to listen good music and enjoy. It soothes, lightens our brain and comforts our brain.

Make a list of songs and enjoy them.

Your happy places: As change is the only constant. I think going out to get some fresh air and embracing nature’s beauty makes us feel happy. Travel and share your thoughts.


Best self help books to attain happiness:

  1. 7 habits of highly effective people
  2. How to win friends and influence people
  3. Think and Grow Rich
  4. The power of positive thinking
  5. Stop worrying and start living


Some easy steps to be happy:

Help others: Undoubtedly, by helping others we can achieve more happiness.

Put your phone way: It is important to keep declutter ourselves. Simply, switching off your mobile phone and putting it away for a day will help you to be happy.

Imagine you are happy: It is very important for us to imagine that we are happy. Take time to think, introspect, and surround ourselves with people having a positive mindset.

Smile: Smiling is the best way to reduce all our stress.

A bonus tip in this life blog of how to be happy in life is to “Write your story”.

By this I mean try writing about your own-self- good, bad, ugly. It leads to positive behavioral changes and improve your mood for attaining happiness. As writing can improve your mood and anxiety. It helps us to express emotions, be mindful and resolve all the mental conflicts.

It helps us to be optimistic and avoid pessimism. It also helps in being optimistic and positive.

Wish you a happy life!

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how to live a simple life and be happy

Gratitude Journal: It not only helps in being positive but helps in living a simpler life. “How to be happy” can be started with a gratitude journal and practicing happiness and gratitude regularly. Simply, spending 15-20 minutes daily on gratitude helps in developing positivity and happiness.

Focussing on strengths: For leading a happy life it’s vital to focus on strengths and try to enhance them. Focus your time and energy on things that matter as nobody is perfect. Focus your strengths on opportunities. This is the most important aspect of how to be happy. The feeling of accomplishment and balance is attained through it.

Meditation: If you wish to learn how to be happy, meditation can help immensely. Just practicing it 10-15 minutes will help in tremendous improvement. It helps in relaxation and heals the mind, body, and spirit. Listening to soft music and focussing on healing thoughts help in calming the mind.

Choosing people around us wisely: Gratitude help to impact the choice of people near you. Choosing people around you wisely helps in growing positivity of mind.

Embracing empathy: Understanding emotions or emotional intelligence is a vital aspect when it comes to being empathetic. Understanding yourself and connecting with others in perspective, circumstances, and others happily is a smarter way of living a happy life.

Open-mindedness: Ample number of opportunities, possibilities, and experiences open when we are open-minded. Being flexible and open to change is the first and foremost aspect of growth and happiness. Finding adequate joy, happiness, and social connections is the best way of how to be happy.

Practicing happiness: Imagine, practice, live, and embrace happiness whenever you are unhappy. Look for things that make you happy and practicing them on a regular basis is key to positivity. It is a process of identifying what all is not important and removing it carefully. By mastering this art you can surely master happiness ways.

Finding life’s purpose: Doing a deep introspection of your own purpose as well as your life’s purpose helps in living a happier life. It gives you direction, purpose and inspiration.

Celebrating yourself: Life is worthy, happier, and amazing when we focus on positives and celebrate ourselves. There’s no need for special occasions, birthdays, and events we just need to be happy by recognizing our greatness. Use every win as an achievement and to gain further momentum of success. It is one of the most successful and best ways to be happy.

Smile: Smiling/laughing is the most effective way of achieving happiness. It releases positive hormones and reduces stress.

Re-evaluating goals: Goals, strategy, and efforts can change ass per the situation. Think and introspect whether it’s the time for new goals or you can pursue old ones themselves.

Letting go of any goal that no longer serves the purpose is also an amazing way to achieve happiness.

Taking care of our body: Both physical as well as mental health inter-connected. Taking care of ourselves physically has a positive impact on mental health too. Once it’s decided to take care of our body, it’s very important to chalk out plans for mental as well as physical well-being.

Getting checked for any chronic or serious health ailment. Also, regular check-up from the dentist and physician are some aspects which have to be followed while chasing happiness.

Letting go of grudges: It is easier said than done, it’s very important to go of grudges and release yourself from any burden. Forgiveness, self-care, and compassion are important aspects to feel happy.

If it isn’t getting easy then practice mindfulness meditation and breath. Let go of any negative feelings and Relax!

Focussing on happy memories: Nostalgic feelings help in focussing on our past and that helps us reconnect with feelings of happiness, joy, and love. The good times, memories, and happy times help in being closer to positivity and happiness.

Pursuing Creativity: Creativity and innovation help in bringing contentment. It also cures mood and depression making us happier in the long-term. Those who practice creative works like dancing, writing, singing, painting have long-term happiness and contentment. They are perfect ingredient for how to be happy.

Finding balance in life: Work and family life need to be balanced. Practicing hobby classes, Spending time with family, doing exercise all these things help in drawing the balance in life. It reduces stress and has more optimism in life.

Easy way to be happy

  • Listen to yourself
  • Forgiving yourself
  • Acceptance for yourself
  • Prioritizing health
  • Eliminating negativity
  • Deep breathing and meditation
  • Being grateful


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