Happy new year

Happy New year – The best is yet to come

……Happy New year!

Okay, so I figured I’d better write this post earlier but somehow penning it down today. I went really lazy this year. I didn’t leave my house this year to even shop for anything in the new year- strange!

I think the major reason was “2020”!

Though 2020 has been a year of trial, testing, and corona.
Entering into 2021 was a mixed set of emotions for many of us I think!

Happy new year

I don’t even know what I will write for this post but what I know is I want to thank 2020 for being an amazing year!

For us, the year was special as we celebrated happy 30th birthday together. Spent quite a good time at home with family. Blessed!

But that being said, I’ll say it anyway. THANK YOU SO MUCH!


Happy new year

Happy New Year wishes 2021

Few things which I decided to start fresh:

Apathy is not a bad thing: I tried a few unconventional things away from the routine work schedules for learning.

A few of them to say so a youtube channel, a blog, some new dishes to learn, and a few books.

Believing that sometimes taking a step back and directing our energy to different things matters. Embracing downtime for experiential learning is healing.

Embracing change: “Not” everything is worth worrying “Literally” and Life goes on.

Sometimes, a happy family and a happy face are what we all wish to have.

Believing is what I think most of us care for. It’s just a cycle and a cycle of learning.

Happy new year

Opinions vary from time to time and as per interests.

Just because someone believes you are not worthy, doesn’t make it so. Only perseverance is vital.

Perspective is what makes you balanced and happy.

Okay, now I’m gonna stop here!

Thank you once again for the year 2020!

Happy New Year wishes for friends and family!

Here’s to happy new year 2021!!!

And yes ofcourse, Goals for 2021:

1 Read

I want to read atleast 10 more books this year

2 Explore

Now, In 2021 I want to travel 3 new places.

3 Write

I would love to improve my writing skills and have active blog posts here.

And, yes….Lot’s of happiness, Happy New Year wishes for friends and family..:)

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