“Wherever you go, despite what the weather is, it’s imperative you hold your sunshine forever. In every secluded walk with the nature someone receives much more than what he/she seeks. Over each mountain there’s a path, though it’s going to be an easy walk. Every flower could be a soul maturation for the nature with the finest feelings of the pettiest spirits and endeavours across the presence of elemental forces of Nature- making scenery worthy! “!

The winds are voiceless with the soothing accents, and maternal chaotic emotion for the life and memories beyond. With each drop of water you drink, each breath you’re taking, you get deeply connected with the ocean. Despite wherever on Earth you reside, most of the elements within the atmosphere are generated through the clearest sky. By believing as a leaf of grass isn’t about the journey but a continuous work for the Lifetime- Ascending through the ceiling’s and printed apertures with the light of the ivy-framed bay window becomes a bower across the doorways!

In the similar way, God has cared for the trees and save them from the drought, and cardinal tempests and floods, you save them from the tough times. By grasping the strength and patience that’s welcomed with the serenity of trees existing around for the world!

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