• Job or task in hand carries different aspects for everyone? – Is it!
  • You have to find people who can give you honest reviews, but its human nature we cherish people who only praise and say good things- Sad but true.
  • Every other person is unhappy, even if they are getting the best of things in life, its human nature- people will crib, “Always”.
  • You meet everyone with a reason, few have ideas, and few know to present them. Few are logical, few are not logical at all. Few are scared and few are highly insecure. But, everyone is important!
  • If you will not believe in your ideas, then who else will? There’s utter happiness in creating, developing and making something new!
  • Those who say it’s all undesired are the most desperate ones- a harsh truth!
  • More than improving themselves, they look for flaws in others. And, if you have to improve choose the right ones!
  • People are good at throwing questions but the moment they have to find answers- Lazy they really are!
  • Very few have the courage to listen and then improve on what they are not good at? Ahh! Sadly, offering honest reviews gives rise to most egoistic issues.
  • You learn only by experimenting and trying. “Experience is a hard teacher”- of course.
  • Need or a hassle, every other person tries to prove him or her as best- Even if they are the most broken ones, they portray they are contented.
  • Bitter truth- people will boast about their previous achievements but are reluctant to contribute hardly anything now, it’s also an art- “ I suppose”!
  • Creative souls are always different, that necessarily brings me a thought that those who are rude on your face are not seriously bad and vice-versa!
  • There’s no rush as at times it’s not your fault just circumstances, as they say- what has to happen will always find its way!

Akriti Sharma

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