The essentials of Life: “Relations – Love- Society”!

Over the years, our society is accomplished by friends, family, and colleagues and it’s only the relations which form the backbone of any healthy family. Also, it’s believed from times immemorial, a beautiful smiling, bright-eyed and happy children of today are the future of tomorrow’s world.

Pablo Picasso, puts it across fantastically, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up”. Every child is different and has a different story right from birth to heading out into the harsh realities of- “real-life”.  Honestly, there are few children from a tribal background, who have an idyllic childhood.

As every other child faces different problems while growing up in these communities. Necessarily, these elementary kids are not given care at a very primitive stage from 5-10 years, they are bogged down in the race of life. Lack of less amenities, opportunities, and exposure are prime factors which develops inferiority complexes in them and hampers their growth!

Image 1: They also deserve to be Educated and Cared, like our kids!

While reading this news piece today , I certainly got an idea of writing this abstract topic: “wherein a cosmopolitan mother adopts 10 tribal children”!

Let’s consider a few critical questions before we delve into the real case scenario:

  • A Cosmopolitan mother opting for adoption: Why?
  1. Emotional craving:

The Woman is herself isolated, as she is a part of society which imbibes folks from various cultural backgrounds and she is craving for attention. Primarily, she finds her friends and colleagues immersed in their own busy routine, which is a reason of loneliness. She’s searching for a loving company!

  • Show-off:

It’s merely an act of braggart among her friend or colleagues so that she can portray herself as a person who is broad-minded or not worried about the opinioned world. It gives her a chance to boast herself in upper-class society!

  • Selfless feelings:

A cosmopolitan mother, actually believes to figure out ways for upliftment of deprived section. She is ready to go against society and adopt 10 children as a selfless act towards humanity. The only question in her mind is whether or not she’s capable enough to offer them quality life? If she’s contended with answer as “yes”, she fairly has done justice to her birth!

  • Barriers for Tribal children in a cosmopolitan city: Reasons of worry?
  1. Linguistic and Social:

These children might not even understand basic- “Hindi or English language”, they only know their native language and they are never given the opportunity to learn it even, is the primary cause of concern.

Even, how language acts as a barrier for tribal community, is incredibly put across by a powerful short film, “that revolves around the core idea as non-inclusion of social group languages into understanding and teaching methods has resulted in total social alienation of tribal youth”.

You can refer to the link below that depicts how language has contributed to the alienation of tribal youth:

  • Food and dressing habits:

Right from their food to clothing habits, they will be having an altogether diverse style- ‘of course’. While coming from a different cultural background, either they must be accustomed to wearing a robe or kaftans, coupled with rounded hats and adorned with heavy jewels, or they will be covering their face with the veil. It should not come back as a surprise- “they won’t even wear any clothes”. Their food habits will be resembling an early man, who were hunter-gathers. At times their food preferences may be, half-cooked or raw even!

  • Environment and surroundings:

They are used to live on the island (a land mass that’s surrounded by water), which are either continental or oceanic. They do not understand the nuances of town or city life, as they have never been exposed to any other surrounding than- “forests and oceans”. Plus, they were engaged in domestic as well as commercial fishing activities, so fitting into modern society will not be a cakewalk for them!

Image 2: Imagine the difference a cosmopolitan mother can bring in this child’s Life!

Situation Available: A cosmopolitan mother who has adopted 10 tribal children!

Age group of children: 5-10 years.

From above-stated reasons, of why this cosmopolitan mother is actually adopting tribal children, let us consider best case scenario listed as the 3rd point, wherein she actually desires to uplift the life of these underprivileged and provide them a better standard of living.

As this mother firmly believes, “Family isn’t always blood. They are the people in your life who truly wish to be there; those who accept and settle for you for who you are and inspire you to become better every day. They work for your smile and they love you regardless of any situation.” IWith this belief let’s walk through her journey that how actually she can bring changes in their lives:

A Holistic approach of childcare by cosmopolitan mother!

  1. Observation and communication- “An initial check”:

“Observation is that the key”, it’s an efficient approach of assessing these young children and facilitate them in developing their life as per cosmopolitan city. As, child observation is a technique to listen and understand the queries of children patiently, it helps in developing a deeper bond with mother. Analyzing their words and actions while they perform day to day activities. These observations not only set up a vital role in meeting social and emotional desires of these young tribal kids but gives a preview to the mother about their needs and requirements. “

  • Friendship among family- “Strengthens the bond”:

She has to be their first point of contact so that these children start considering her as a best friend. The mother has to be a solution provider, whom they can completely rely upon. When they feel alienated in this cosmopolitan city, she must hold their hand and offer them love, support, courage to accept the surroundings. 

  • Quality time-“A powerful factor”:

As the hobbies hold us together for a unified goal. Similarly, spend quality time with these kids, in order to have a shared goal that acts as a binding force among the family. Here, the mother must encourage the children to pursue hobbies and games in a team with her. She must plan for group activities, wherein every child contributes for the articulation of a common goal.

  • Admiration and appreciation- “Need of the hour”:

This mother has to offer “wings to their imagination”. As they come from a tribal background, they should not feel that their beliefs and views are not respected. Their creativity needs to evolve and once they feel their ideas are valued, they will be more confident and evolve.

  • Respect their outlook- “Their only desire is to be Love”:

Respect their opinion by involving them in the decision making process. Considering an example, as these children are not habitual of wearing western clothes, inspite of compelling them to shift onto modern clothing styles. Take them for shopping along, motivate them to buy different colours and styles of clothes, and let them choose among the options. Love will make them contented.

  • Expression Liberty- “Brings their genuine interests out”: 

Since these children come from totally different background, it’s important for the cosmopolitan mother to actually understand their perspective and then act accordingly. They need to be loved for being molded. Being rude might make them rebellious and disobedient.

  • Team activities- “Better connection”:

They learn to get along with other kids by developing motor skills which are an essential aspect of growth and learning process. Since they are 10 in number, the mother can split them in group or pairs of 2 children each, -“a younger one with an older one”. This way of pairing them in groups will motivate them to resolve each other’s issue and will make them more self-dependent.  


A wonderful quote states, “Children are the most valuable resources, it’s important we take the best steps for growing their future”!

Adoption is a long commitment, which tests parents as well as the child’s life. It requires immense patience to find out the problems and to be receptive for offering them support and conditions for a “hail and healthy family life”.

Considering the case of this mother who adopts 10 tribal children, out of selfless love towards “humanity and society” is praiseworthy. With a firm belief that “Love is patient and kind”, she is courageous enough to adopt such kids who require not only physical or emotional support but altogether change of attitudes. She must make sure that once these kids enter into her family, they must be continuously motivated and loved. However, with self-less tutoring, hard work and compassion, these adopted kids can be groomed up to become- “Well-groomed cosmopolitan Youth”!

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